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Herman at work at the roof of the Belgacom Twin Towers

BRUSSELS FROM ABOVE is an exceptional 360° panorama project made by the belgian photographer Herman Desmet. Herman works as a 360VR photographer and developer for Poppr. In his free time, Herman searches the most spectacular rooftops in Brussels and makes panoramic images on top of them.

This project shows visitors the Brussels skyline from a whole different angle. Most rooftops, towers and viewpoints in the city are not public accessible. This way we want to give everybody a chance to enjoy these magnificent views on the capital of Europe!

If you have questions, or access to a location with a magnificent 360° view (this project is far from finished!), please contact us!

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Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences!
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MIOPS: Gadgets For Creative Photography. MIOPS creates innovative gadgets to make photographers and videographers life easier!
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As an official Theta360 Ambassador, we are using a special Theta 360 camera from Ricoh. With this equipment we are able to produce full 360° videos!
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iFootage is an international team of dedicated media professionals. We all have one thing in common and that is our passion for image making.
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Action Cases
Action Cases is the online store for a quality range of camera cases, industrial hard shell cases and racks, and dry boxes.
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Stad Brussel
The city of Brussels is a partner in our project. They support our panoramas by placing some of them on the main website of the city.
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